Body Measurement Machines / QE Scale


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QE Scale
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QESS02 Electron Scale-Quick and easy Height, Weight and BMI measuring Instrument
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    Quick and easy height, weight and BMI measuring



    Controlled by microcomputer, without manual operation.


    Automatically measure height and weight and calculate BMI


    Fast measure (480 times per hour)


    Display temperature and time



Measuring Function: Height , Weight , BMI 


  • Sensor: Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor system
  • Product Size: 440*530*2330mm
  • Weight measuring range: 1kg- 300kg
  • Division of weight: 0.1kg
  • Height measuring range: 600mm – 2000mm
  • LCD display size: 5.5 inches LCD
  • Power: 110-240V
  • Application: Hospital/school/Fitness Centre/Home