Body Measurement Machines


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QE Scale ( Weight, Height, BMI Measuring Instruments Scales )
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QE Scale, quick and easy height, weight and BMI measuring instrument

 Type: Medical / Personal Scale

 Display Type: LCD

 Height Measurement Range: 80cm-200cm

 Minimum Division: 0.5cm

 Weight Measurement Range: 8kg-200kg

 Minimum Division: 0.1kg

 Working Voltage: AC 100V – 240V

 Dimension: 490mm x 340mm x 2350mm

 Packing: 580mm x 420mm x 170mm, 1310mm x 340mm x 250mm


  1. Controlled by microcomputer, without manual operation.
  2. Automatically measure height and weight and calculate BMI
  3. Fast measure (480 times per hour)
  4. Display temperature and time

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