Commercial Fitness Equipment / Elliptical/Cross trainers


Product Number :
Brand :
Vision Fitness
Name :
Vision Fitness DF001-S60 Suspension Elliptical
Model Number :
Vision Fitness S60
Specification :


The S60 Suspension Elliptical trainer combines an ideal stride motion and ergonomically correct foot positioning for years of user comfort. The unique suspension design provides an exceptionally smooth feel and unmatched accessibility. Two stages of self-generating power allows for freedom of placement anywhere in the room.


Display Features:


⚫ HD-DTV Wireless reception
⚫ Full Compliance with Digital television.
⚫ With analog TV also, DTV ATV all in 1 TV.
⚫ Built-in Battery for portable use. Applicable everywhere.
⚫ With USB jack, TF card slot, play the content of 
       U-flash drive, support 1080P video, MKV, MOV, AVI, 
       WMV, MPEG1-4, MP4, FLV, MP3, video, 
       high birate decode.
⚫ 110V~240V universal power supply, DC input low to 
       12V with more safety.
⚫ Equipped with high-capacity rechargeable lithium 
       batteries for outdoor using.
⚫ High sensitivity tuner, strengthens the signal receptivity.
⚫ DTV support HD TV program recorder to USB flash or 
       Hard disk-- (PVR) function.